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LeadSportsUSA Quarterly Newsletter

Now that we've closed out on National Preparedness Month what have you done to prepare for the things that may affect you and your family for the upcoming year? It doesn't matter what part of the country you live in, we all have our unique challenges from Natural to man-made, and if you haven't physically done things to prepare you and your family, maybe just getting your head around some of those issues and have a game plan to respond will get you ½ way there...
There are literally thousands of options and choices to "prepare" for upcoming challenges and with the overwhelming volume of information out there it can make you throw your hands up and say "Why bother." I've decided to craft this edition of the newsletter around a multitude of subject groups. That way you can get your head around some ideas and make a few of your own.

Home Defense Thoughts:

We in the SF Bay Area are currently going through an intense "Fall" fire season with a huge, multi-year drought as its backdrop, and with over a thousand homes lost this year alone it makes you think what you can do if your home becomes inaccessible or is gone completely. By the way, Tile roof homes fare much better than shingles or composite during a fire.

Back up plan for shelter - Unless you want to compromise your family's security and peace of mind you really don't want to be in a FEMA or Red Cross Shelter. We're lucky enough to have family close by as well as far away to be sure we'll have a warm bed and a meal if we need it. If you don't, have the discussion with your friends now to offer space for each other if needed. Understand that this can and probably will stress your friendly relationship so make sure you put boundaries on time so you keep your friendship!

Here's some ideas to think about:

  • Always have a flashlight next to the bed for when the power goes out.
  • Know how to raise your garage door when the power goes out...You'd be surprised how many don't!
  • Always have your car full of gas. It's just as easy to fill up at ½ full then on empty.
  • Have your cell phone charged or charging at your bedside...Remember if a call can't go out because "circuits are busy" texting will sometimes still be available.
  • Secure your important papers from Identity theft and scumbag thieves/looters.
  • Will your Safe withstand a fire? 2.5 hours or 75 minutes at 1400 degrees? Here's a few options if you need a safe.
  • Speaking of safes, I have a backup 1TB drive that I back up all my digital pix onto and lock into the safe. I don't use carbonite or another "cloud based service, but that would probably be helpful too.
  • Join CERT - The Community Emergency Response Team
  • Remember: if you have a family your plan changes considerably

Prepping for disasters with Kids:
1. Make sure your children know they are safe.
2. Disaster preparedness lessons: Let them experiment. Sometimes failure is the best teacher.
3. Memorize important contact information. Don't forget to write your phone number on their forearm.
4. Don't assume that they know something about disaster preparedness.
5. Include the children in disaster preparedness. Remember everyone has a job to do.
6. Exercise regularly.
7. Without frightening them, explain the importance of disaster preparedness.

8. Don't underestimate your kids.  

9. Prepping is stressful, make it enjoyable
10. Instill a healthy respect of fire
11. Develop in them a love for the outdoors early on in their lives.
12. Live off the land. Start with a backyard camp out!
13. Choose vegetables for family meals, and show them how to prepare them.

14. Teach them self-defense skills.  

15. Grow a garden.
16. Go for non-perishables.
17. Prep for first aid. Even kiddos can clean a wound, put on some Neosporin and a band aid
18. Discuss your past experiences.
19. Don't scare them...much
20. Drive intruders away the smart way. Teach them to be aware of their surroundings always and if something doesn't feel quite right, it likely isn't...

21. Teach them the value of secrecy. Keep the important things in your inner circle of family.  

22. Set a good example. They see everything you do.
23. Have fun! Taken from Vince Tuscano's article at Survival Life.
To see the full article please visit: http://survivallife.com/2015/02/06/disaster-preparedness-prepping-with-kids/


Personal Defense/Prepping:

I don't care whether you have a firearm, knife, pepper spray or a good kick to the crotch, having a plan for when things go bump in the night or approach you in the parking lot after hours will help set the stage for your survival.

Here's some defense and preparedness tips:

  • Keep your head on a swivel - Always be scanning. Get in the habit of playing "what if" and "what would I do if."
  • Have a weapon - I like having a tactical pen in my pocket at all times because I always need a pen and this is a great twofer! Here's an option that's under $20:
  • Pepper spray - If the up close and personal option scares you have a good flip top pepper spray solution as a great option (don't go for the ones with the multiple safeties) as you'll never get them deployed in time. Also, use the whole can then throw it at the attacker when empty. Here's one to look at that's used by the police department and is only $13: OR if you don't want to worry about the wind catching the spray and throwing it back on you use a foam for $10:
  • Yell loud! Attackers do NOT like attention. Use whatever profanities you feel necessary to get your point across that you "will NOT go down without a fight." Scary stuff, but having a plan and practicing that plan means you will remember that plan when you actually need to use it.
  • Can a revolver take off your thumb? This amazed me...
  • Don't unload your self-defense gun so much - I caught wind of a report saying that when you unload your handgun and put the same bullets in time after time the primer can go bad for when you really need it so just after you get home put on your safety if you have it and drop it in your safe! There have been a few Fail to Fire scenarios because of this...
  • When preparing for the unthinkable or just a big nuisance creating a "Meeting up Plan" from close or far can ease a lot of stress and keep you from wasting valuable resources.
  • Communications during an emergency - Do you have a portable Ham Radio or even a set of walkie talkies? Maybe even resetting your voicemail on your phone to leave a message to your family that you're OK etc.
  • Do you tell the Fire Dept you have ammo in your house? While there's no law I could find stating you need to notify them, I would definitely let them know where you keep your ammunition, and loaded firearms. They're protecting you, you should return the favor!
  • Bug out 72 hour "Go Bag" - Now that we're in Fall you need to rethink what you're family needs based on the season and locality. Kids grow. My Kids' shoe size increased 3 sizes this year. Shirts, socks, pants. Food tastes change. What happened to my daughter's love of Broccoli? Don't forget your Pet's food...
  • Gas Stockpile (10 Gal with storage additive) - I hold a little stockpile and replenish every 6 months. I just put it in the car tank and have ½ a tank pre-paid. Here's a link to the additive...
  • H20 - (5 year additive) if you can boil and filter when use. 1 Gal per person per day minimum.

Is The Knife You Carry Legal? Here's a bunch of options...

California's knife laws are among the toughest in the country.

Broadly speaking, California law places knifes into three (3) general categories:


1. Knives that may be worn openly, but may not be concealed

California's law prohibits carrying concealed "dirks" and "daggers." Dirks and daggers are knives capable of causing serious injury by stabbing. They may not be carried on one's person if they are concealed in any way. Nor may they be carried in a purse, briefcase or other container.

California has an "open-carry" knife law, however. It allows you to carry a dirk or dagger openly in a sheath suspended from your waist.

The law applies to any knife capable of being used as a stabbing weapon. This is true even if such knives are normally used for lawful purposes. Thus, under California law, "dirks and daggers" include such items as:

  • Chef's knives,
  • Ice picks, and
  • Other functional blades

2. Knives that may be carried either openly or concealed.

Folding knives (other than switchblades) may be carried concealed on your person if closed.

They may also be carried openly...unless...the blade is exposed and locked into position. Then the knife becomes a "dirk" or "dagger" and to be carried openly must be worn in a sheath suspended from your waist. Pocket knives, box cutters and other "utility" knives generally fall into this category.

3. Knives that are always illegal to carry in California.

Illegal gravity knife

Certain other knives may not be carried either openly or concealed. In other words, these knives are always illegal to carry in California. Illegal knives include:

  • switchblades,
  • ballistic knives, and
  • "novelty" knives, such as belt buckle knives and cane swords.

There are additional restrictions on carrying knives into schools and other public buildings. And you may not carry knives onto certain property owned by the United States government.

The knife statutes are full of nuances and technicalities. In some cases, they are even poorly written and difficult to understand.

Read more from shouselaw.com...


Home Defense Planning:

You need one, and trying to giving "cookie cutter" advice over a newsletter is really challenging because every family and location is different, but much like a home fire plan there are some basic items you can use to get you started and you can fill in the rest. Feel free to reach out by email or phone if you want to walk through your plan. I'm always willing to help! The first step is to not let the intruder into the home in the first place then Plan B, C &D come next if needed.


  • Don't open the door at night no matter the situation. I've heard of criminals claiming to need to make a phone call because of an accident, claiming to be the gas or a utility person, and even someone turning on an outside faucet to get someone to open the door. Call 911 and let them investigate.
  • Always have your phone available and charged or charging by your bedside...
  • Get a DLink security camera. Guys this is the best investment I ever made. It pans and zooms, is super cheap ($170), and most importantly easy to install with no LAN cable needed. You view it from your cell phone so that's perfect because you'll have that next to your bed...I don't sell this, but Fry's electronics has it as well as other electronics retailers. 
  • Do fire drills with your kids. They're already doing this at school. Plus, this is the first step to getting them to do other drills making it less scary. Let them lead the drill sometimes...
  • Have your "go bag" in the same place! I have mine in the broom closet so I can just grab and go. Here's what I use (more or less) as my 24 hr go bag contents.
  • Don't forget your pets. Obviously, your and your family's safety is your #1 priority, but if you can grab Fluffy or Bowser on the way out that will be a huge bonus. They may even beat you out the door!
  • Training - To be prepared you really need to be trained on the tactics you'll employ during an incident. That's the only way you'll "perform as trained" ...Mix up the situations.
  • I'm not a lawyer, but I hired the best in the business , and they tell me to say the following on the 911 call if I have to use force against an armed intruder. No guarantees at all but here you go:

"Someone broke into my house. He's been shot and needs medical attention. My address is __________, my name is __________ and I live here." Then say "I'm going to help him now. My front door will be open. Please hurry." And hang up (unless you don't know how to perform CPR. If you don't they can help you on the phone)...Don't pick up the phone if they call back, because you have work to do trying to save a life and time is of the essence. Glove up and start performing 1st Aid and CPR.

  • Assume there's another attacker lurking to pounce....Scumbags usually go in pairs.

Online Holster Fit Charts

These are some of the online holster fit charts I use to match holsters to guns.










Be Safe, Smart, and God Bless, 

Kent from LeadSportsUSA